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Coming Soon... Fumetsu Backpack & Duffel Bag

Coming Soon... Fumetsu Backpack & Duffel Bag

Coming soon.. the Fumetsu Combat 'Charge' backpack and duffel bag/backpack

Lightweight, waterproof and with plenty of room for activities. 

Perfect for indoor or outdoor sports and events as the waterproof coat will save your valuable contents from the standard British weather. 

Our backpack has an inner protective pocket for a laptop or tablet, with plenty more space for your favourite BJJ gi, workout gear and anything else you may need for training or travelling. Strap your water bottle to the outside for optimum space on the inside.

Need something bigger? Then check out the duffel bag version.

Much larger in size and great as a kit bag. Carry as a duffel bag or strap it your shoulder as a backpack. 

Coming soon to