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Fumetsu Athlete's Smash Up June 2022 Competitions

Fumetsu Athlete's Smash Up June 2022 Competitions

The Fumetsu team was out in full force last weekend and they put on quite the show!

Alex Salisbury & Steven Hill hailing from Novo BJJ in Hastings & both took Gold medals in their respective absolute divisions without surrendering a single point at Grappling Industries. You won’t ever see these two pulling guard, winning their matches with a slew of takedowns.

Steven hitting a Russian Tie snap Islam Mackachaev would be proud of and Alex, a perfectly timed outside foot sweep and lateral drop to add to their highlight reels.

Over at the BJJ British Open Hayley Carter competed in the adult Brown belt division finishing both of her opponents via submission to take Gold, a slick Bow & Arrow Choke and showing off the immense pressure Hayley can create while passing, tapping her next opponent with a Knee-on-Belly. Savage, we know.

Finally, back at Grappling Industries, Shanelle Dyer stole the spotlight in the blue belt division, taking home two gold & a silver medal competing in a total of 10 matches. Taking her opponents off their feet with blast doubles before displaying her submission orientated game, set up through some slick transition, our personal favorite being the switch from Kimura trap to armbar to triangle. 

We’re incredibly proud of the whole team who put on some amazing performances! If you want to catch them in action, Steven & Alex are competing July 4th at Raw Grappling Invitational. Hayley & Shanelle are competing on Aug 20th at Enyo Grappling invitational. Both events are set to be huge, don't miss out!