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White Berserker T-Shirt

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Black Berserker T-ShirtWhite Berserker T-Shirt
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Channel the raw power of the ancient Norse berserkers with our Berserker T-Shirt, a garment forged in the fires of battle and inspired by the legendary warriors of old. As you slip into this shirt, you'll feel the echoes of thunderous clashes and the adrenaline-fueled frenzy of combat coursing through your veins.

Crafted with the same indomitable spirit that fuelled the mighty berserkers of yore, our Berserker T-Shirt features a striking design that pays homage to their fearless ferocity. Adorned with intricately detailed imagery reminiscent of Viking runes and symbols, this shirt serves as a testament to your unwavering determination and unyielding resolve.

Whether you're honing your skills on the mat, embracing the challenges of everyday life, or preparing to face your own personal battles, the Berserker T-Shirt is your steadfast companion, empowering you to embrace your inner warrior and conquer any obstacle that stands in your way.

Join the ranks of those who dare to defy convention and forge their own path. With the Berserker T-Shirt, you are not just dressed for battle — you are ready to conquer realms and carve your name into the annals of history.

Embrace the legacy. Embrace the power. Embrace your inner berserker with Fumetsu Berserker T-Shirt.

  • Breathable polycotton material
  • Designed in the UK by our in-house designer
  • Screen printed designs
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Regular fit

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Who is Fumetsu?

We are a group of martial artists that have been creating quality combat sports products since 2007.

It's our mission to inspire athletes from all walks of life to become the best possible version of themselves that they can be.

What does Fumetsu mean?

Fumetsu is a japanese word meaning immortal or indestructible.

This word, combined with our mission, was the basis for the formation of our message that you'll find on many of our products;

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